About AirTub

About us

At Airtub, we care passionately about people. We care about your lives, your homes and your wellbeing. Our family-run business is founded upon the principle of providing affordable and innovative leisure products that truly serve the people who integrate them into their lives. 

Throughout the years we have worked tirelessly to support every person we reach and provide our customers with a safe place where they can relax. Supplying luxury inflatable bath tubs on a friendly budget, our team at Airtub are continuing to expand as demand for our products has spread from Europe to USA. 

All Airtubs are send from our warehouse here in Denmark (Kolding). If you need to contact customer support you can reach them here. Contact customer support

Airtub.nu is owned by the Danish company Holmegruppen ApS

Holmegruppen ApS
Gejlhavegaard 3
6000 Kolding

Chamber of commerce DK33377002
 Mail: info@airtub.nu
Phone: +45 20 15 45 60